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Unlock ADE 2023: Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Dance Experience with SCOFF

As Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2023 prepares to ignite, dance scene enthusiastic, fashion lovers, and our devoted Scoff (dance) community are gearing up for an unforgettable week from October 18th to 22nd. It’s a place where style, music and art converge, forming a vibrant cultural celebration. We’re here to tell you why this is a week you absolutely can’t miss.

ADE x Scoff

Win an Exclusive ADE Experience with SCOFF.
This year, on the 25th of September to add an extra dose of excitement to ADE, Scoff is launching an exclusive giveaway for their dedicated customers and the wider SCOFF community. To stay update on all the relevant details, keep an eye on our socials [Instagram, TikTok, Website] or check your e-mailbox to catch the latest’s updates.
“Get ADE Ready with SCOFF! Explore our latest collection ‘Body & Mind’ and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Amsterdam Dance Event 2023. Shop and dance your way to unforgettable memories!

ADE’s origin story.
Originating in 1996 as a three-day event initiated by Richard Zijlma, the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) began with just a few attendees and limited venues. Its initial aim was to spotlight and bolster the electronic music culture in the Netherlands. However, over time, ADE evolved. While it initially focused on music and artists, it gradually transformed into a global hub for networking, knowledge sharing, and discussions on the latest developments in electronic music. Today, ADE not only celebrates music but also serves as a vital platform for industry professionals to connect and explore cutting-edge trends.

The SCOFF Community.
Over the past years, at Scoff’s homebase (Nijmegen) we have witnessed also a steadily emerging dance scene culture. It’s a culture immersed in festivals, pulsating with house music, brewing with creativity, fashion, and the rebellious spirit of nightlife and the dance floor. With Scoff, we release collections inspired by and for the dance floor and aim to be more than just a clothing label; we want to offer you a complete lifestyle. By focusing on (Emerging) artists, their exciting sets, and new sounds, we aim to provide the Scoff Community with fresh and innovative tunes within the house genre.

With our latest collection, ”Body & Mind’‘, we offer vibrant colors for you to be inspired by and engage with during this ADE edition where the hypnotic sounds of house harmonize with the expressive and creative aspects of dance culture?
(If you’re interested in more than just parties, ADE also offers a fantastic range of other creative aspects. Via ADE arts and Culture, and ADE Lab you can explore art, film, and exhibitions to immerse yourself even further in the entire ADE experience.)

House Music: Which parties to attend?
ADE by Night buzzes with energy during this 5-day event as the most influential DJs showcase new and innovative sets, timeless classics, and most importantly, get the crowd moving with rhythmic melodies. We understand that in the abundance of sounds, parties, and DJs, you might not even know where to begin or where to find the complete ADE program. Scoff has done the research for you and compiled a Top 5 Parties to Attend. Our aim is to surprise you with new insights, bringing familiar names to your attention, and show you how Scoff resonates with cool sounds. Find below the list of sets and where to find them:

  • Audio Obscura @Rawfactory
  • Slapfunk @Shelter
  • Easterderz @ChicagoSocialClub
  • PIV @Danzigerkade
  • Awakenings @Ziggodome

ADE is the ultimate celebration of our shared passions for music, festivals, adventure, and community and we can’t wait to share this unforgettable experience with you. Come and feel the connection between ADE, SCOFF, and our passionate community.